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Regional varieties of a language.
The intentional destruction of a people.
The world's longest river.
A wet,fertile area in a desert.
The largest desert in the world. It is found in North Africa.
A dish made from wheat and look like small pellets of pasta.
An area of tall grasses and scattered trees and shrubs.
The spread of desertlike conditions.
An ancient city founded in Northern Africa in 332BC.
Someone who rules a country with complete power.
A belief that bodies of water, animal,trees, and other objects have spirits.
The capitol of Egypt.
A writing system that uses pictures and symbols.
The largest rift on Earth. It is found in Africa.
The highest mountain in Africa.
A large plain with an abundance of wildlife.
A political movement that separated the races of people.
A severe shortage of food.
A canal connects the Mediterranean and the Red Seas.
Economic penalties imposed by one country on another to force a change in policy.
The founder of Islam.
An overland journey to view African wildlife.