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Day of the Lord 2

Prophecy Puzzle # 5
    Amos & Isaiah
Men will do this to escape God's wrath.
During the Day of the Lord, men will writhe like a woman in _____.
In the Day of the Lord, He alone will be _______.
Good times economically
A day of judgement.
Prophet to four kings.
What God will do to sinners.
Prophet from Judah to Israel
King of Judah at time of Amos
Lack of war.
Uzziah's punishment for burning incense in the temple.
Conquered Israel in 722 B.C.
Will be darkened
No light
Indenture for debt.
Amos was a sheep ______.
A great one in Judah around 760 B.C.
The northern nation of the divided kingdom
A Day of the Lord is a ________ from the Almighty.
Where cosmic disturbances occur.
They will not shine as DOL begins.
Will be dark when it rises
None who oppose God will ________ death.