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Africa Crossword

Practice that tries to dominate other countries' government, trade, and culture.
An overland journey to view African wildlife.
The intentional destruction of a people.
Places on Earth's surface where the crust stretches until it breaks.
Horn of Africa country that has never been under foreign rule.
Tallest Mountain in Africa.
Majority religion of the people in Southern Africa.
Cream-colored material that comes from elephant tusks.
Africa Largest Lake.
A small territory surrounded by foreign territory.
Some 50 species of lemurs live only on this island.
Most spoken language in East Africa.
Flat region surrounded by higher land such as mountains and plateaus.
Capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Condition of not getting enough nutrients from food.
Period when little rain falls and crops are damaged.
Climate of Central Africa.
Central African river that is fed by hundreds of smaller rivers.
Regional varieties of a language.
South Africa's first black president.
Driest place in Southern Africa.
Disease spread by mosquitoes that causes fever and pain.