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Earth Science chap 18

Dead plant/animal material that makes soil fertile
Landslide that includes bedrock
(2 words) downhill movement of large masses of soil
Dramatic type of mass wasting
_____ acid results from decaying plants
_____ acid results from carbon dioxide dissolved in water
(2 words) caused by water freezing in cracks in rocks
(2 words) caused by salt crystals
Slabs or flakes removed from large boulders
Change in height for each meter a stream flows
Point where a stream flows into another body of water
Number of soil layers
Mounds of sand moved by wind
___ weathering causes chemical changes
____ weathering uses physical forces
Can cause mechanical weathering
Process that disintegrates rocks
Soil scientist
Slow mass wasting
(2 words) caused by underground water freezing
Longest river in the world
Snaking turns in a slow moving river
Blend of sand, silt, and clay
When it freezes, it expands by 9%
Debris at the base of a cliff