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Life Science Chapter 25 Name ______________________

Teacher: Julie Nordin - Earth Science
Regulates calcium in the blood. (two words)
Regulates the immune system
Includes the spinal cord and brain. (three words)
Allows you to smell. (two words)
Connects the central nervous system to the rest of the body. (three words)
Helps the body respond to danger. (two words)
Increases the rate at which you use your energy. (thyroid gland)
A group of cells that make special chemicals in your body.
The part of the brain where we think and store memories .
Long nerve fibers that convey electrical impulses to other cells.
Controls body functions not under conscious control. (three words)
Sends messages to muscles under voluntary control. (three words)
Carries nerve impulses to muscles or glands. (two words)
Secretes hormones that affect other glands and organs. (two words)
Gathers information from inside or outside the body. (two words)