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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Ms Love
Term for when proslavery and anti-slavery forces were fighting against each other in Kansas
This state came in as a slave state in the Missouri Compromise
Known for his unique military tactics
First state to secede
Another name for the North
State where Grant was from
Political party of Abraham Lincoln
Name of slave who brought a case to the Supreme Court
The people have the power
Maintain or protect
State of the city of New York
Bloodiest single day battle
This state came in as a free state in the Missouri Compromise
How the North had an advantage compared to the South
Where the Civil War began
Blockaded the South from trading with Europe
Turning point in the Civil War
Assassinated President
City where immigrants would come from Europe
Battle where Jackson was killed
This state came in as a free state in the Compromise of 1850
Proslavery people who crossed the border from Missouri into Kansas
Dred Scott was not considered a U.S. ________.
Dred Scott's owner said that he was still her _________
Another name for the South
Town raided by proslavery people
President in 1868
Lawrence was a city in Kansas known for its __________
The ocean on the East Coast
Tax on imported goods
What number amendment forbids congress from taking away someone's property
____ of war means lack of clarity