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Teacher: Alexia and Lauron
used to hold and organize test tubes
used to pick up small objects
used to help weigh solids that will be transferred
used for heating
ratio of actual theoretical yield %
used to grind chemicals into powder
used to measure specific volumes of liquid cannot be heated
used to hold small amounts of liquids being evaporated
used to dispense solid chemicals from their container
used to light bunsen burner
connects to a ring stand to provide a platform to heat glassware
used to support various containers during heating over a bunsen burner
used to pick up objects that are too hot to handle
used to hold a hot test tube
used to hold and organize test tubes
used to create a closed system in a flask or beaker
used to hold solids or liquids that are likely to splatter when heated.
How close an experimental measurement is to the true (accepted) value
used to hold a small amount of solid. may be used to cover beaker
sits on a ring clamp to provide even heating of glassware
used to perform many small scale reactions at one time
used to heat small amounts of solids to high chemicals