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Pizza and Snow

A bubble of ____ starts to expand (P)
___ me out far a wide (P)
Feel the wind ____ as it goes past your face(S)
You fall on your back to make your first ____(S)
I am _____ (P)
As soon as I'm away from the ___(P)
I am a 16 inch ___, thin crust (P)
Your eyes _____(S)
Some ____ stay in out making the surface uneven (P)
The landscape was covered in ___ dust (S)
Cutting a slice makes my thin ___ shatter (P)
That gives away to a ____ yellow (P)
A ______ of Time (S)
So you can finally _____(S)
Hints of golden brown spots scatter around my _____ (P)
You catch a glimpse of ____(S)
The ______ cheese molds into hills covered in brown (P)
The sun ___ its way through the cracks of the train (S)
Perfectly falls into place to cover my _____ (P)
I slide into a 800 degree ___ (P)
You stop in the center of a _____(S)
To step on _____ just to hear that crunch (S)
The top of each box cart with a ____ lining (S)
Kiss and _____ on your cheek (S)