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Memorial Day Crossword

Author: Colonial Dinner 5-11-2015
The National __________ was written when flag was flying over Fort McHenry
Memorial Day is celebrated on this day
260,000 flags are placed in this cemetery on Memorial Day
The opposite of peace
A place with many graves
Memorial Day was originally known as ______________ Day
Memorial Day is celebrated in this month
A meal eaten outside
The opposite of forget
Soldiers trained to engage in aerial missions are in the ___ Force
Often placed on graves
A color of the flag
Where the original star spangled banner is on display
One who has served in military
A color of the flag
Ring of flowers
Number of stars on Betsy Ross Flag
Used for taps
Inspired by love of country
Position of flag when flown midway up the pole
Soldiers trained to protect the sea are in the ___________
Missing in action
Army of the South
A day for remembering those who have served our country is _____________ Day
Soldiers trained to engage on the ground
People march in this
Memorial Day began after this war
Army of the North
Prisoner of war
Freedom from bondage or restraint
The number of USA flags that are on the moon
50th commemoration of this war
A color of the flag
Old Glory