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Plant Taxonomy

First leaf to emerge from a seed.
A nonflowering plant with seeds that develop within an ovary.
The second half of a scientific name for a plant species.
A taxonomic rank that separates or identifies plants in a class.
The taxonomic rank that separates or identifies plants in a phylum.
A seed with two cotyledons, net-veined leaves, and flower parts in multiples of fours and fives.
A seed with only one cotyledon in the seed, parallel-veined leaves, and floral structures in multiples of three.
A repository of collected plant specimens.
The science of naming and classifying organisms.
The taxonomic rank that separates or identifies plants in an order.
The system of identifying and grouping like organisms together.
A subset of organisms within a family that share similar characteristics.
The highest and most inclusive taxonomic ranking for all living organisms.
A flowering plant that has seeds enclosed in fruit.
The lowest and least inclusive ranking of plant classification.
The physical form and structure of an organism.
Scientist focused with understanding ecosystems as a whole.
A taxonomic ranking that separates or identifies plants in a kingdom.
A form or subclassification of a species that is slightly different, but not different enough to warrant a new species.
A name for a plant that has been bred or selected for horticultural purposes.
A scientific word that includes a genus and specific epithet for a plant species.