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Biology Unit 9 Vocabulary

The place where a community of plants and animals lives; the place where some organism is usually found.
Any substance that can be decomposed by bacterial action.
The tiny, free-floating animals in a lake, stream, or ocean; rotifers, brine shrimp, and water fleas.
A mutual dependency, connection, or interaction; a mutual relationship.
All the plant life of a region.
The knowledge or life science that studies how living things depend on each other and their environment-the relationships of an organism with its total environment.
The tiny, free-floating surface organisms of a lake, stream, or ocean.
A scientist who studies the relationships of living things to each other and to their environment.
In ecology, a list with numbers of all the names of plants and animals seen in some community or region.
To use for selfish purposes; to obtain the value from something for selfish motives.
The tiny, free-floating plants in a lake or ocean; microscopic green algae.
All the animal life of a region.
A life zone.
A sampling plot used to study and analyze plants and animals.
Any living thing; a plant or animal.
A chemical used to kill insects.
A sampling technique used to study and analyze plants and animals using a long, narrow plot or line.
To be in charge of supervision or management, or responsible for something or someone.
In ecology, the way living things depend on each other and their environment.
Organisms that once lived on earth but all of their kind have died out; a dead species.