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Jude and 2 Peter

2 Peter urges readers to earnestly grow in their ______.
Jude encourages believers to pray in the Holy ______.
Peter warns against heresy among the____teachers of the day.
How Peter died - he was _____________.
False teachings
NT book consists of one chapter
2 Peter is strikingly similar to this NT book
Destruction illustration reminder used by Jude about urgency to stay in the faith
Mockers dismissed the idea that _____ would return in judgment
Peter is about to die, so he writes a quick ________to Christians about the dangers of false teachers.
False teachers could and did lead believers into ___
2 Peter was Peter's _____song, his last hurrah of sorts.
Jude said that the false teachers were like trees without _______.
Evil infiltrators engaged in ______ immorality and encouraged true believers to join in.
2 Peter urges the church to stand ____and to continue after Peter is gone.
Peter was an ___________________to the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount.
Warns against false teachers
Because of the urgency felt Jude instead wrote about the scoffers and evils indicating the ___ times
2 Peter urges,"But grow in grace, and in the _________of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
Brother of Jesus who wrote a NT book
Warns against false teachers
Jude v3 states that the author originally was eager to write about the mutual _______shared
Brother of James who wrote a NT book
2 Peter was written by the apostle ___Peter.
Peter knew that his time was growing near and that he would __for the Lord.