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Psychology 3

Teacher: Mulcahey
These parents like to party with children
Not a childish insult, but one of the basic tastes
Kohlberg's emphasis
The Theology department instills this
Never stops
Would you like to take a ________?
Cars and tests both want this
My plans for sumer use this type of memory
His results "shocked" the nation
Eight hours a day, the experts say
LSD, THC, MDMA are examples of this
MKO and ZPD emphasize this
4 in this set of numbers: 11, 4, 5, 4, 6, 4, 10, 4, 11
Recruits stand at it
Master control of the endocrine
Lorenz raised more of these than Jon & Kate ever will
Harlow found out monkeys seek it
Alzheimer's most common form of this
"That's your opinion, man"
Lorenz's thesis said this exists at birth
Safeties commit it; it's existence prevents memory
The only primary color that lacks a cone
Finishing this test is an example
Emotion and dish soap
Dreams don't come true here, but are created here
The sum is more important than the parts, whether here or in Germany
PTSD, OCD, SAD all cause this
Professor and Prison Warden, all at the same place and time
Harlow's base of operations; PND teacher