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social studies crossword puzzle

Teacher: Ms. Markwis
The creator god in the religion Hinduism
A person who leaves on area to move to another.
Very heavy seasonal rainfall.
The average weather conditions in an area.
People that live in Egypt.
The number of people who live in an area.
Growth in the number of people living in urban areas; the process of city development.
A major trade route that ran from china through the rest of east Asia.
The study of people places and environments.
A person or thing that attracts people to an area.
To carry or send abroad, especially for sale in another country.
The progress of relocating to a new region.
The number of births per 1,000 people per year.
The imaginary vertical lines on a map.
Complete control over the entire supply of goods or a service in a certain market.
An artificial waterway for boats or irrigation.
A family or group that rules for several generations.
A piece of land almost surrounded by water.
A person who studies ideas about knowledge, truth, nature, and the meaning of life.
A person or thing that causes people to leave an area.
A language used in Ancient India and is still used in the practice of Hinduism.
The shared attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors of a group.
A large territory in which several groups of people are ruled by a single leader or government.
The imaginary horizontal lines on a map.
A group of families related through a common ancestor.