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Under The Sea

A school of fish, a ___ of whales.
These aquatic mammals live in all oceans and latitudes.
The word “shark” comes from the Dutch meaning what?
The sea spray that blows off the ocean.
The largest type of algae and seaweed?
Another term for the box drum.
The popular beach sport that uses a “birdie.”
The only cephalopods with external shells.
The common name for sea snails.
The tropic instrument consisting of wooden bars struck by a rubber mallet.
The sound of waves crashing on shore.
Another popular term for the rip current.
Besides manatees, the sea cow group includes ___.
You can hear the sea if you put your ear to a ___ shell.
The ____ squid has the largest eye of any animal.
The barrier layer of rocks used to prevent erosion of the beach.
The largest reptile is the saltwater ___.
Brine shrimp are commonly known as Sea ____?
The saltiness of sea water is defined as___.
Unlike the clam, the __ has a shell much smaller than its body.
The ___ is the state dance of North Carolina.
A large line of large rocks.
A common term for a dock.