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Hebrew word for "Father"
Nickname for Delores.
I tried to eat that but it made me ___.
Pres. Lincoln was often called _____.
She _____ 6+4 and got 10.
That was a good ____ that you did!
"Brylcreem, a little ___ 'll do ya!"
How old you are.
She _____ her Mom for another pair of shoes.
I like my jeans to be _______.
Did you see the ___ for a piano teacher in the newspaper?
He went to a lawyer, but her __ was too high.
Nickname for "Edward."
Abbrev. for "American Automobile Association."
She went to Washington, __.
Abbrev. for "fabulous."
Green hair is just a ___.
Do you have any _______ to take on the plane?
The baby can say "Mama" and "____".
Nickname for "Deborah."
She ______ some First Aid cream on her cut.
You might have this for breakfast.
He _______ between the grass and the sidewalk.
He can't hear you because he's _____.
No longer living.
Nickname for Beatrice.
The part of the truck where the driver sits.
She earned a ______ in her reading club.
Do, re, mi, __
Abbrev. for Delaware.
The 2 sisters _______ on the phone all day.
"A stich in time saves 9" is an old ______.
We had roast _____ for dinner.
I added a ____ to my necklace.
What does the sheep say?
You should never _____ someone's property.
She watched as the tide ______.
Nickname for "Gabriel."
I ____ the cat this morning.
You might keep a bird in this.
The sunlight is starting to ___.
In the summer, you might drink lemon ___.
The princess was carrying a lovely _____ purse.
Abbrev. for "District Attorney."
She sat on the _____ of the swimming pool.
A beautiful old song is called "___ Tide."
Abbrev. for Georgia.
Did you ____ the dog?
I'm tired, so I'm going to ____.