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Greece and Rome

World History
Mr. Carpenter
A ruler who gained power by force.
Rule by one.
A group of people sworn to make a decision in a legal case.
Law-making body
Official from the patrician class who supervised the government and commanded armies.
"Peace of Rome"
"I forbid" or "I reject".
Political unit made up of a city and the surrounding lands.
Official elected by plebeians to protect their interests.
A government in which a king or queen exercises central power.
Avoid desires and disappointments by accepting whatever life brought.
Rome's war with Carthage.
Rule by the people.
A government where representatives are chosen by the people.
Fought in 490 BC
Chief governing body of Rome that proposed laws and advised the consuls.
City-state emphasizing militarism.
A school to study many disciplines.
City-state emphasizing education.