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The Ultimate Crossword Puzzle

A robot's favorite genre of music.
Can you believe we still use this stuff for electricity?
Useless after fascist Epstein banned tobacco.
Capital of the Great Lakes Confederation from 1996 to 1998.
Retired baseball pro. A "real deal" back in the day.
Me thinking I'll get a date this weekend.
Always a bottom to some toppings.
Objectively the best animal on the street.
The sound of one makes robots run for cover.
Those damn hippie rebel kids.
Water breaking-- bad sign.
The sequel that let us all down. Never again.
We have two more! We have two more! Ha!
Why was six afraid of seven?
Allegedly, the heart is here.
Me getting a date this weekend.
The actor who replaced Byron.
I'm not getting paid enough to make this puzzle.
The art that makes the web spin 'round.
We're all middle schoolers at heart here. Let's admit it.
I could sure use some noodles... Let's go to J-District.
Can't take a peep if you don't got that
Our longtime readers will know this one; some may love it, some may hate it, but most are indifferent.
The Social Media killer forgot the one golden rule:
What stands until the nation falls?
Atlanta's biggest joke (this is a politics question).
Our favorite to roll our eyes at.
All our deliveries got a lot slower.
The tail of the Eastern Union.
The opposite of horizontal.
The game that started it all. (Probably.)
We lost something in the transition.
Tastes better than it smells.
Est. 1946. Kickstarted this whole shebang.
The capital of the Republic of Georgia. Please answer this correctly.
Whispers in the brush/Nothing there to hear/You against the
The number of months with 28 days.
When you look up the definition, there's a photo of the Values Party.
Me getting a date.
A package deal, this.
The hottest thing on the planet Earth.
The closest language to English. Not a trick question. Honest.
Shorter than a novel, and still nobody reads it.
At an auto-conibini, what's the main product?
If you can't take the heat, get out of the toaster!