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A bird brightly coloured that can talk.
Bird of prey that feeds largely on carrion.
Small chirpy bird.
A bird with excellent night vision.
Bird that lays its eggs in other birds nests.
Small freshwater bluish green duck.
a young duck.
A nocturnal mainly mammal that hangs in a cave.
A bird large have a long neck long legs and fast running.
Bird with iridescent tail feathers.
Wading bird similar to a heron but usually with white plumage.
Large gregarious songbird with a glossy black plumage.
A wading bird with long legs neck.
A large flightless seabird of the southern hemisphere.
A large bird of prey with for its keen sight and powerful soaring flight.
Bird that looks like a duck and loves water.
Long necked pink bird that often stands on one leg.
A graceful long necked white waterbird.
A female fowl.
Yellow young fowl.