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8 Maths and Science Crossword

The mathematician who discovered that a^2 + b^2 = c^2.
A unit of measurement equal to 10,000 square metres
The ______ number indicates the quantity of protons and electrons in an atom.
The relationship between two (or more) related quantities.
A prediction of the outcome of an experiment.
At an angle of 90 degrees to a given line, plane or surface.
Perimeter of a circle.
The amount of liquid a container can hold.
The element with the chemical symbol "Na"
The name given to the number on the bottom of a fraction.
The curved upper surface of a liquid in a tube.
Data that is described in words.
The stored energy of an object is called ______ energy.
The experimenter changes the ______ variable.
Energy generated by movement is also known as ______ energy.
Measure of the amount of space inside a solid figure.
5th planet from the sun
The name given to an element with a structure composed of a single atom.
A subatomic particle with negative charge.
The soil on the moon is known as lunar _____.
An object, natural or man-made, orbiting the earth or another planet.
The side of a triangle opposite the right angle.
The process of a gas changing to a liquid.
A stand that allows beakers to be heated over a Bunsen burner.
A four-sided polygon.
A four-sided shape with one set of sides parallel
A year is when the Earth performs one full _______ around the sun.
A substance where two or more types of atoms are chemically bonded together.
A rate, number or amount in each hundred.