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Forensic Science Review

One of the first cases solved by handwriting analysis when this man's baby was kidnapped in the 1930's
To find guilty in a court of law
The reason a person commits a crime
A person who has committed a crime
Any act that is against the law
A person who investigates crimes and gathers information
A person who collects evidence to solve a crime
Evidence found in small but measurable amounts
A fact or an object that helps to solve a crime
The study of the causes of death and disease
The act of taking anything of value from a person by force, threat, or violence
A hidden fingerprint made visible through the use of powders or forensic techniques
A person who is harmed or suffers some loss
Investigators use this method to solve crimes since they are scientists
A statement or information that can be verified
Slant, dotted "i", and baseline are all characteristics of this kind of investigation
The study of evidence with the purpose of solving crimes
The illegal act of copying something in order to deceive someone (ex. someone's signature, artwork, letter, etc.)
The study of crime
Something used as proof in a crime
Another name for a forensic laboratory
A person thought to have possibly committed a crime
A feeling not based on known facts