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World Geography 1106 - #2

Siddhartha Gautama was the founder of this religion
Religion of the Old Testament
Capital Islamabad of this nation
Capital Kabul of this nation
Maldives is composed of coral formations on the peaks of ______ mountains
Capital of Nepal
Primary religion of Southwest Asia
Capital Seoul of this nation
The religion of Islam involves worship of?
Smallest independent Asian nation
Formerly East Pakistan, and before that it was part of India
Primary religion of Indic Asia
Most populous democracy on Earth
The primary religion of Sinic Asia
Was founded when the Nationalist Chinese fled communist takeover on mainland China
Only Hindu monarchy
Fortress monastery
Capital of North Korea
Capital of Taiwan
Nation with the largest population
Cultural region Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and part of China
This country , which includes Kowloon Peninsula and 230 islands, returned to Chinese control in 1997.
This nation was the first industrialised nation in Asia and is the only one not considered a developing nation
Jammu and this area claimed by both India and Pakistan
Cultural region between the Mediterranean Sea and Pakistan
Capital of Bangladesh
Cultural region Mongolia and central and western China
The Indian _____ includes the nations of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan
Longest river in Asia
Second-highest point on Earth
Deepest inland lake on Earth
Name means "beautiful island" is not peaceful
Capital Ulan Bator of this nation
Largest desert in Asia
System of spelling Chinese names and places in Roman letters
Largest continent on Earth