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Science Crossword

Could be cleaner, though there's nothing in it (6)
Y for men only? (10)
It acts as a catalyst to bring about biochemical reaction (6)
Guardians of the ___, 2014 film starring Chris Pratt (6)
Study of the weather (11)
Total change in character (13)
Why lovers love scientific discipline? (9)
Environmental network (9)
It's a male cat but only a small one (4)
Academic investigation (8)
They're often cultured
Word with rain or rock (4)
A planet, by Jove! (7)
Large fossil reptile (13)
Gather mole is affected by natural heat (10)
Planetarium (11)
Mr Hackman's inherited characteristics (4)
Copper, say, is a maestro (9)
Safe from catching (6)
This enables one to be far-sighted (9)
Living animal or plant (8)
Evidence, maybe (3)