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Social Psychology: Chapter 1 Terms and Concepts

(*) after a clue indicates two word answer with no empty grid space between the words
A person’s position in a group or society that is associated with varying levels of esteem and respect
A set of expectations about how to behave, think, or feel
*The systematic study of people’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior in social contexts
The systematic study of society
*A perspective within sociological social psychology that examines how basic social processes operate in group contexts
*The ability to see personal lives in the context of the larger society—its history, culture, and social structure
The study of the effects of society on social-psychological processes, also known as sociological social psychology
*Patterns of interactions in which behavior within a large group is guided by a common set of norms and roles
*The rules that regulate our behavior in relationships
Deeply held ideals and beliefs
A method of studying society through observation of people’s typical day-to-day interactions
*Persisting patterns of behavior and interaction between people within identified social positions
The study of large-scale social processes
*A perspective within sociological social psychology that emphasizes the study of how people negotiate the meaning of social life during their interactions with other people
The study of human thought processes and behaviors
Groups that share a common purpose and contain a formal set of rules and an authority structure
A society’s set of unique patterns of behavior and beliefs