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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

The Mutiny

A Captain and his crew discover, amongst other things, that control is an illusion.
Sea between the Balkans
Towards the stern
Founder of geometry, rolling in his grave
To stir from sleep
Lies between Tome and the Tomb
"Call me ____"
A shadow cast by the First Mate
Lovecrafts favorite color
The Captain's new name, after given his vision
Architeuthis, sanz latin
Long period of time
With resting wings enshrouded
What killed the Captain?
Submerged city, where dreamers await
"God help us," uttered the First Mate. "The Captain's words were ____"
A Cyclops from Europe
Front of the ship, bending to great power
Long lost age
Duolith, minus one
Second word of the Captain's final missive
Who Killed the Captain?
Lacking leadership
Third word of Captain's final missive
The crew's fate finally revealed
Who killed the First Mate?
The Captain from Tarsus, before being made to see
Tentacled monster
They could no longer be controlled
Lacking direction
First word of the Captain's final missive
Lacking reason
"I just wanna be your filthy, _____, lunatic priest"
What gods demand of man
Unanswered plea for help
Stormy Shakespeare play, experienced by the crew
Eaters of men
The strange island they were stranded on after the shipwreck
"He has to go," thought the First Mate. "He's gone mad."
The body of Christ, after waiting some time
The Captain's old name, before given sight
Drabblecast Art Director
The crew, weeks after the shipwreck
Where the last of them went
"The Face of God." Messenger and angelic opponent, appearing one night in the mysts
What killed the First Mate?
Another ship landing on a new world
The skeptical First Mate, wrestler of angels in Genesis
Our Kingdom ____
Awakened entity, neither demon or angel