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Plant Identification Terminology

Sweet green fruit, grows on a vine
Herb used as component in Italian seasoning
Member of grass family, produces yellow finger-like fruit
Small modified leaf, found on Arborvitae
Ornamental perennial, large caterpillar seed pods
Tropical fruit plant, sweet, yellow flesh
Complete flower head
Raised as a protein source
Plant parts that grow from the lowest part of the plant
Individual component of a compound leaf
Herb w large fragrant leaves, primary ingredient in pesto
Perennial with grass blade leaves, trumpet like flowers that live for about one day
Plant leaf consisting of more than one component
Small parts that make up a flower stalk of a plant
Plant leaf consisting of one leaf blade and one petiole
More than two leaves attached at a single point of the stem
Two leaves attached at the same level on the stem
The broad portion of a plant leaf
Raised in water as a protein source, waste is often used as a nutrient source for plants
Plant foliage that is very narrow, sometimes sharp
Versatile equipment used in landscape, farming: heavy lifting, carrying, digging
Nearly succulent perennial, blooms late in the season, pink broccoli flowers
Single leaf attached at the node of a plant stem
Plant parts displaying more than one color
Tall tree, produces tropical fruit, sweet, cantaloupe flavor
Common landscape plant, often more than color, shade loving
Hot, fragrant spice derived from the root of a plant
The edge of a leaf
The leafy components of a plant
The stem of a leaf