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Science Vocabulary; pp.10-13

A representation of a natural process or system (a globe is an example of this; it shows the Earth on a much smaller scale)
Found on page 13, this substance allows very little heat to pass through it
Ash found after a log has burned is ___ that a chemical reaction took place.
To draw a conclusion based on what we already know and what new information we have learned
This substance can glow when it burns
Observations, measurements, and information that is recorded or written down.
During an investigation, scientists ask many __.
We do this when we look, smell, feel, taste, and listen. We use our senses to collect information about the world as we do this.
Scientists must __ investigations and experiments to make sure they have accurate results. -
Scientists who are chemists do experiments in a laboratory or this shortened version of the word
Your teacher's last name; be careful to spell it correctly!!!
An educated guess about an idea. It can be tested by an investigation.
A factor in an experiment that may change is a __.