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Is an example of a natural science.
Something that is closely agreed upon by competent observers of an event or a series of observations of the same phenomena.
The Scientific ______ is one of inquiry, experimentation and willingness to admit error.
An _____is a question about an event which occurs in nature.
_____ observations are based on utilization of measuring devices.
A ___ summarizes experimental facts where behavior is consistent and there are no known exceptions.
The __________ is an orderly method for gaining, organizing, and applying new knowledge.
You make a ______to determine whether an experiment confirms or disproves your hypothesis.
______ is an example of a natural science.
____ is a body of knowledge.
Is the branch of science which is concerned with the properties of matter and energy. It is also the central science.
Relate to how much we know about something. For example, how large an object is.
A conclusion with extensive experimental support.
An _______ is used to test a hypothesis.
The language of science is _______.
_____ observations are based on utilization of our senses.
Are "guides to thinking" in science.
_______is the use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes and to provide tools for further exploration.
A ______ is an educated guess.