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Environmental Science 101

The layer of our atmosphere that stops UV
Single-celled producers that live in the water
All of the living things in an area together
How living things interact
The number and variety of species in an area
Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff
How much salt is in the water
The trapping of sunlight which warms the Earth
The nutrient-rich zone near the shore
A mix of freshwater and saltwater
An organism that eats everything
Organisms tha can produce fertile offspring
A biome with very little rainfall
The fluid layer under the crust
Water with very low salinity
The iron center of the Earth
An organism's role in the ecosystem
An organism that makes its own food
The removal and transport of soil
Used to test a hypothesis
An organism that eats animals
The gases we breathe
Where all of the living things on Earth live
Meeting our needs forever
An organism that eats other organisms
The living part of an ecosystem
An organism that breaks down dead things
All of the same species in the same place
An organism that eats plants
An individual living thing
The non-living part of an ecosystem
Large region with specific climate and inhabitants
The solid surface of the Earth
The place an organism lives