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Carreers in Forensics Science

Teacher: Mr. Prussman
This forensic field deals with infectious materials is the________.
A _________examiner compares fingerprints from crime scenes with evidence from suspects and from large databases.
The forensic ________ helps the ME or Coroner with the recovery and identification of human remains.
The forensic________is the top dog, so to speak in the forensic lab, serving as the M.E.
The study of blood in the forensics lab is called_______.
The forensic scientist that studies insects is an _________.
A Forensics ________combines chemistry, pharmacology , physiology, and Biology.
A dentist who has trained in forensics is an __________.
The Forensic Medical _______ is a secretarial type position in which autopsy and other medical reports are Transcribed (typed).
The Forensic Pathology technician may help with this microscopic examination of Tissues called__________
A general term that encompasses workers in many fields of forensics science is the________.