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Unit 1 Vocabulary

The weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
A water supply that that is found in porous rock, sand, gravel or similar
The basic physical and organizational structures needed for a society to function
The act of caring or growing plants
The study of how humans have affected there geography and how the geography has affected the humans living there.
A broad of inlet sea where the land curves inward
The study of land and its features
The supply of water to land or crops to help them grow
The measure of how high above sea level something is
A steep slope of cliff
Any creek, stream, or smaller river that empties into a larger river
Natural features on the earths surface
To put dates from oldest to newest or vice versa
Materials such
Where a river empties into a larger body of water, usually an ocean or sea
A period of time that is associated with a particular person, place or quality
The initial source of water to a river
The time period from the last day of frost in the spring to first day of frost in the fall
Rain,snow, or sleet that falls to the ground
The way of processing or precepting someone
A cultivated crop that is grown as food