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The science of living things

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The application of science to solve a problem.
The study of nature and characteristics of elements or simple substances.
Plants grown for their appearance or beauty.
The study of life
The management of genetic characteristics transmitted from one generation to another and its application to our needs.
The study of chemical activities or processes of living organisms.
The ability to learn and know.
The application of scientific principles and new technologies to agriculture.
The science of insects.
Harmful insects, rodents, and diseases.
The conditions, circumstances, and influences surrounding and affecting an organism or group of organisms.
Who spends on 9.4% of their wages on food
The activities involved with the production of plants, animals, and related supplies, services, mechanics, products, processing, and marketing.
The science of soil management and crops
Refers to commercial firms that have developed in the support of agriculture.
The science and art involved in the cultivation, propagation, processing, and marketing of flowers, turf, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and ornamental plants.