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Life Science 3

First person to observe cells
Organisms produce after their _____
One of the simplest carbohydrates
Complex living thing
Special portion of a cow's stomach
Material within a cell
These are made of atoms bonded together
Organism with many cells
These only have carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen
Group of similar cells working together
Organisms have ____ spans
Plant cell walls are made of this
Another word for fats
These eat wood, but cannot digest it on their own
Ability to do work
Proteins are made up of ____ acids
Organism with just one cell
Plants store energy as these
All living things, including humans, start as ____ cell
These help reactions happen, but aren't changed in the reaction
Where plants get their energy
Organisms are made of ____
____ organisms are single cells living together, but who could survive alone
Compounds with carbon
Your body is 3/5 _____