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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Grade 7, lesson 1

Name: ___________________________________
7 N / S # __________
It is our human nature to search for Him.
A community of people who believe in Jesus, are baptized in Him, and follow His teachings
In Divine Revelation God fully reveals who He is through the words and deeds of ___.
Two gifts we receive at Baptism
God makes Himself known to us
Is the forgiveness of sins and the restoration of humanity's friendship with God
We become members of the Church through ___.
A gift from God that enables us to believe in God and accept all He has revealed
Involves trusting that God has created us, loves us, and is merciful toward us.
Jesus saving words and deeds are effective today through the power of __.
Those who govern the Church in Christ's name
God created us to reflect (3 words)
A participation, or sharing in God's life
God created us and breaths His own __ into us.
His descendants are the Chosen People