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Education Autobiography

The job I had this summer at Day Camp Spring Lake. It showed me first hand how much I enjoy working with kids and it was crazy how much fun I had. Demonstrated to me the bonds that can be made with students.
My other parent who is also a teacher. Teaches high school psychology and enjoys going to work every single day. This passion for the job is exactly what I hope to bring into the classroom someday.
The school where I spent grades 9-12. This is where I learned that I absolutely needed to be organized. I was challenged by all sorts of APs and collegiate level courses at this level. The teachers here really rubbed off on me and showed me the impact teachers can make on their students.
The verb that has easily been my biggest weakness over the years. I do this all too much even though it is very harmful for my grades. This happened when I would get an assignment or a paper a week or two before it was due but I wouldn't start it until the night before.
One of my greatest strengths. This is something you do in order to get a paper. I didn't really know how good I was at it until college and I know that my former English teachers had a big role to play in the development of this skill.
Both of my parents seperate fathers. They were both teachers and one specifically described the impact that teaching had had on his life. They both taught me about history and demonstrated the lessons that one can learn during their lifetime as a teacher.
This is where I did grades 1-5. I had no idea what I wanted to do at this point but professional athlete or astronaut seemed very likely.
Something that I think I’ve built throughout my educational career. I think that my teachers have taught me to become not only a good student but also a good man. I hope to someday build this in my students.
Easily my favorite subject in school and the subject I someday hope to teach at an upper level. I love how it all seems like one big story and how the more you learn about it the more interesting it gets. My grandpa was a big influence on why I love this subject so much.
The type of school I spent grades 6-8 of my education career at. I began to learn how much I loved social studies and how much I disliked math. Puberty sucked and I learned how to become a student and organize my things a little better.
Something that I sometimes think was forced upon me during my education. It is also something that is easier for students to learn when they are actually engaged in the subject matter. This engagement is something that I want to be pivotal in how I educate my own students some day.
One of my parents and a former teacher himself. Is currently an assistant principal at Eagan High School in Minnesota. He showed me how rewarding of a job the educational field is and I hope to be in the same place as him one day. He also showed me how much I enjoy learning new things and pushing myself with difficult classes.