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Abraham and Lot

Please write your answers with capital letters.
Abraham said he would take _____ from the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah.
This man rescued Lot and all the people.
The woman married to Abraham.
People who got angry with each other.
God promised Abraham he would be blessed with so many descendants they would be a great ______.
God promised from Abraham's family would could this person.
The one who blessed Abraham and Sarah.
Abraham moved to this town to live.
Lot decided to move in this direction to live.
Abraham's nephew.
The name of rulers of cities long ago.
Another wicked city.
The time of day when Abraham attacked the enemy kings and soldiers.
The enemy kings and soldiers captured the people of Sodom to make them ________.
The river flowing into the Dead Sea.
Even though Abraham made many mistakes, God continued to _________ him.
The ruler of Egypt, who kicked Abraham out of his country.
Lot decided to move into this wicked city.
The country where Abraham lived during the famine.
Abraham decided to stay here and live.