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How Well Do You Know The Division?

This clinic is the largest provider of indigent primary care.
This physician (last name) works his craft on the field of play.
This physician's name is like a measure of time just spelled differently.
What is new Geriatric Section Head, Justin Mutter's, favorite word?
This physician (last name) is a birder extraordinaire.
Laurie Archbald-Pannone grew up with crawfish boils and Mardi Gras. In what state did she reside?
Specialty at UMA that deals with “agony of de feet.”
Which Division is Mitch Rosner's favorite (three words)?
Clay may be his name but a potter he is not. What is Russ Clay's specialty (two words).
Division employee, Debra Burleigh, was born in this city where mummers march every New Years.
Ira Helenius was born and raised in what country?
Leslie Blackhall has spent time with which world leader (two words)?
This double Hoo (last name) bleeds blue and orange.
This physician (last name) teaches others to focus awareness on the present moment.
He's like Dorothy and isn't in Kansas anymore (last name).
Joel Schectman is responsible for the management of what?
Palliative fellow, Alina Fomovska, speaks this number of languages.
What item can division staff not live without?
We can blame this physician's work for lowering the age at which colonoscopy's are now recommended. He's also hungry like.
This may keep the doctor away but most physicians love them.
Behind bars is where this physician spends most of his time (last name).
Ruth Aldridge kayaked this mysterious barrier island in September 2017 that no longer exists (two words).
Some believe that one or more of the offices on the sixth floor of the CDW are what?
For what is Peggy Plews-Ogan known?
Last name of the physician whose photography is something to behold and adorns the Division's office walls.
Which Batman villain does Sr. Admin Assistant, Shaun Wickline, most identify with?
Jon Bartels developed this practice to offer closure to medical team and patient after a patient dies (two words).
The DOM Associate Chair for Professionalism and Diversity has been working in this SE Asia country to develop professionalism and ethics among students, residents and faculty.
Division Administrator, Cyndi Smith-Power, grew up in this state where the winds come sweeping down the plains.
Palliative physician, Tim Short, makes these as a hobby.