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Heal Tree CBD

The doctor who created his own line of CBD topicals after discovering many of the benefits
The plant that most CBD is sourced from
They pride themselves on thoughtfully-developed CBD tinctures with herbs and essential oils to enhance the benefits of CBD
One of our main smokable lines that we carry in shop several types of pre-rolls
Our #1 requirement for carrying CBD products in our store
CBD products that you can eat
Durham-based company that makes effective and refreshing CBD breath strips
We carry their amazing CBD tea as well as capsules
One of the main psychological and sometimes physical issues that CBD is know to help
Beautiful CBD soap with a packaging that can be planted to grow organic tomatoes
A CBD company that focuses on products for dogs of all ages
Dissolvable CBD tablets made from real fruit with natural immune boosting vitamins
A concentrated liquid herbal extract
THC and CBD are in this class of chemical compounds
The full name for CBD
A company that provides isolate and broad-spectrum products without THC. They recently changed their name to Social CBD.
A Colorado-based CBD "Farm to Home" company
Your favorite CBD store
A well-known and established CBD company that provides high-quality isolate only 0.0% THC products
CBD coffee company
Began with water and expanded into other CBD products; many of which we carry
The CBD skincare line that we carry
Aromatic organic compounds that give color and smell, as well as physical and emotional benefits
Another word for inflammation in our bodies; something that CBD well is known to combat
One of our newest additions that makes delicious 500mg cartridges
A premium CBD lifestyle brand
At local NC CBD company that provides us with high-quality CBD flower and oil
Products applied to and absorbed by the skin
A local NC company who provides our CBD honey sticks
The first known company to provide water-soluble CBD oil without synthetic fillers