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Physical Science 3

Going down on an elevator would ___ your weight
___ friction is between two stationary objects touching each other
Shape of the path projectiles take
This kind of force was the demise of Goliath
The acceleration of ___ is 9.8 meters per second squared
Newton's ___ law relates equal & opposite reactions
One of the 4 basic forces
He had 3 laws of motion
Anything thrown or shot through the air
____ friction is between two masses sliding past one another
The resistance of a mass to change in motion
This and mass determine the momentum of an object
These formations in space get their shape from gravity
The law of ___ has to do with attractive forces
"Sticking" points between two masses
____ velocity occurs when air resistance balances gravity
Newton's ____ law is F = ma
Mass times velocity
Gravitational pull on an object
SI unit for mass
Friction between a wheel and the road