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Past tense -y words

Change -y words to past tense. How? Take off the -y and add -ied.

The baby ____ to tell its mother it was hungry. (p.t. of cry)
The mice ___ quickly away from the cat. (p.t. of scurry)
In the 1800's, girls were ____ when they were sometimes as young as 15 years old. (p.t. of marry)
I _____ to Adriann after I got her letter. (p.t. of reply)
We ____ off after swimming. (p.t. of dry)
She ____ about her grades so she would not get into trouble, but she got into trouble anyway! (p.t. of lie)
I ____ the egg in bacon grease. (p.t. of fry)
I _____ to do my best but still got a D. (p.t. of try)
I ____ the saddle until I was ready to mount the horse. (p.t. of carry)
We _____ because we were late. (p.t. of hurry)