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World War II crossword

Teacher: Caelin
NAZI airforce
Place that the Allies chose as their landing sight during Operation Overload
Place in Poland where the Jews were forced to live
Name of the main race that Adolf Hitler wanted to get rid of
Name of high ranking officers (SS)
Last name of the person that King put in charge of goods
"the night of broken glass"
First country that Germany invaded
Pact made between Hitler and Stalin to not fight for 10 years
Dictator of Russia
Dictator of Italy
Type of program brought into Germany to get rid of disabled people
The soldiers who were nicknamed "zombies"
Type of fashion that became popular during WWII
Place in Germany where the first concentration camp was established
Prime minister during WWII
Plan begun by the NAZIs to exterminate all of the Jews in europe
Place where allies encountered a German convoy ship during the night
The beach where Canadians soldiers landed
Name of the race that is made up of pure German blood
Name given to the mass killing of Jewish people
Name given to the time period when Britain declared war on Germany but there was no fighting
300,000 troops were saved here
Britain's airforce
Navy base in Hawaii that the japanese bombed
Place where the first atomic bomb was dropped in Japan
Place where the NAZI criminal tribunals where held
Most famous NAZI death camp
Air training program in Canada
Name of the pact that allowed Hitler to take over the German speaking area of Czechoslovakia