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6th Geography Terms (MapMastery 5)

pages 373-375
A dry season; a time of little or no rain
The place where a river begins
A group or chain of many islands
A narrow opening, especially through a mountain
A river or creek which flows into a larger river
Point; a piece of land extending to the water
A narrow inlet of the sea with steep banks; made by a glacier
the land deposited at the mouth of a river
A high, steep wall of rock
An area of low, wet, soft land; a swamp or bog
The direction from which a river flows
A tank, lake, or other place for collecting
A sheltered place where ships may anchor safely
A large area of salt water smaller than an ocean that is partly or completely enclosed by land
The highest point of a mountain; a mountain that has a pointed top
A region of short grass
A shallow lake or pond; an area of shallow salt water separated fro the sea by sand dunes
A lowland between hills or mountains