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Greek Culture

"Like the Greek"
"lovers of wisdom"; tried to find the answers through man's ability to reason
"Nothing in excess, everything in proportion"
Father of Philosophy; explained the universe in natural terms
Wrote The Republic; pupil of Socrates; Analogy of the Cave- true reality lies outside the physical world
Father of Geometry
Circumference of the globe with amazing accuracy; formulated the lines of latitude and longitude
Glorified the "creature" more than the ______
The lever
Father of History
"know thyself"; teacher; believed that absolutes could be reached through human reason
The Greeks were the first to begin the formal study of human thought and culture
Means "Greek"
Founder of Stoicism- men and the universe are ordered by fixed laws; one must accept one's fate and live a life of duty and self-control
Father of Medicine
Believed that great happiness and pleasure could be achieved through the avoidance of pain and fear
Brought East and West together in learning, government, and trade
Writer of tragedy
Writer of comedy
History of the Peloponnesian War
How Greece "conquered the world"
Explained the universe in mathematical terms
Reality is in the physical world; developed the syllogism
The culture of a civilization is a reflection of its _____________