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Ch. 7 Communications Skills

The person who hear/read the message
An exchange of information among two or more people
"I studied...", I'm going..."
"I feel...."
Trying to dedicate another person's thoughts, feelings and intentions
Sending and receiving message without words
Wave your hands, head knob
Mixed messages, Closed minded, prejudice or passive listening
To look directly at a person when speaking to them or responding to them
Using Questions to make sure you understand a massage.
The use of words to send and receive messages
" I think...", and "I wonder..."
Words that directly express your feelings, thoughts and ideas
To reflect back the sender's feeling and thoughts in your own words
"I smell....", "I can taste...", "I heard..."
A pattern of communication in which people will say they are going to do something just to please other
To Interpret the meaning
A massage is the process of thinking about what/how to say it
Sending message through body movement
A negative Communication , which people are not honest
When people just take in a message
The person who is the source of the message
The way your express yourself comfortably
"I want..", "I wish..."
"it's how you say it not what you say"
ignore unpleasant situation
When people accuse other for everything that goes wrong