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Cell Transport Vocabulary

Membrane of lipids and proteins that makes boundary of cytoplasm
When molecules move to higher concentration in the cell membrane
Of a cell or cells
When phagocytes ingest other cells
Substance with two hydrogen atoms bound to a covalent bond
When particles go from a solution with higher pressure to lower pressure
Ingestion of liquid into a cell by vesicles in the cell membrane
When opposing forces cancel each other out
When substance crosses a. semipermeable membrane to level out concentrations
Main ion for all cells
Solution with higher osmotic pressure #
Process of transporting molecules into cell
Protein that transports a substance across the cell membrane
Transport of substance in the cell membrane
Maintains fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contractions
When a cell maintains a condition of equilibrium
Membrane that only lets certain molecules pass through diffusion
Membrane around cytoplasm in cell
Solution with lower osmotic pressure #
Movement of particles down concentration gradient
Maintains balance of water around cells