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Chapter 4-Newton's 2nd Law of Motion


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In non-free fall, the force of gravity is acting _________ on the object.
Terminal velocity is same as terminal speed but with ________.
If the mass of an object is double, the weight of the object is _______.
According to Newton's 2nd Law acceleration is _______ to net Force.
Terminal ________ results when air resistance equals weight.
Mass times gravity.
A ______ cause an acceleration.
According to Newton's 2nd Law acceleration is _______ to mass.
The force of _____ depends upon type of material.
The unit of force is the ______ (N)
In free fall, two objects with different masses will land on the ground at the same time due to ______ air resistance.
In order to push an object across a surface with increasing speed, the applied force must be _____ than the force of friction.
The quantity of matter an object has.
In order to maintained a constant speed the applied force on an object must be _____ to the force of friction.