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Macro Economics Review

Teacher: End of Year Macro Review
Most often used tool of monetary policy.
A graph that shows the income inequality in the US.
When exports are greater than imports, you have a?
The cost of production on a third party is called a?
The curve that shows the inverse relationship between inflation and unemployment.
When one country can produce at a lower opportunity cost.
This act increased tariffs 50% and is blamed for worsening unemployment during the great depression.
When your currency depreciates, exports?
% of additional dollar saved.
The Account includes the Current Account and the Financial Account.
When AD and AS intersect to the left of LRAS it is called a?
The value of your currency increases compared to another country>
Towest point of the contractionary phase of the business cycle is called a?
The % of deposits banks must keep on hand.
A negative in the current account is called a?
The person that believed that the government is responsible for maintaining the health of the economy.
How do governments try to correct negative externalities?
A method of reporting data in terms of FOPS used.
What kind of policy is used to correct an Inflationary Gap.
When AD shifts in the Keynesian range of AD, prices are said to be?
4-6% unemployment, is considered?
The governments attempts to correct the ups and downs of the business cycle using what kind of policy?
This account records the exchange of assets between countries.
The highest point of recovery is called the?