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A/C Earth Science 6

Unit #2 vocab words

The tilt of Earth's axis creates this. They are known as Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
When the Earth is in between the Moon and Sun. They all line up.
Hitting straight forward.
The 8 phases the moon goes in.
A shadow excluding all light from a source.
An oval shaped elliptical all planets follow to orbit the Sun.
A point defined with reference to another position.
Partial illumination, as in an eclipse, between the perfect shadow.
This creates seasons and is at about a 23 degree angle.
Northern, Southern, Western, and Eastern halves divided by the Prime Meridian or the Equator.
A force of attraction that keeps everything on Earth.
It take 24 hours for the Earth to complete this.
Not quite hitting straight forward.
A tide occurring every First and third quarter of the moon.
Happens twice each year in March and September when the Sun crosses the equator.
A property of matter showing rest or motion.
Occurs every June and December to begin Summer and Winter.
The light of the sun.
Happens every 12 hours when the day gets darker or brighter.
It take Earth 365 days to complete this.
When the Moon is in the middle of the Sun and Earth and they all line up.
Distance relative to a specified reference point.
The illuminated side of the moon is getting larger.
A tide occurring every new and full moon.
The illuminated side of the moon is getting smaller.
The rising and falling of the surface of the ocean.