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Space Science

The tide just after the new or full moon
When the moon appears to disappear into earths shadow
The resistance of the object to any change in it's motion.
Sunlight that is not hitting an object with full strength
The tides just after first or third quarter moons.
The earth divided into northern and southern ____
The point of where the to be moved
The fully shaded inner part of the shadow.
Sunlight that is hitting an object with full strength
The force that attracts a body to the center of another body
When the moon appears to get smaller.
The one time in winter and summer when the sun reaches the highest point in the sky.
The change in weather on earth.
The revolving of one object around the other in an oval shaped path.
The rising an falling of the sea.
The movement of one object around a center or another object.
The slight incline of an object.
The time and or date when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator.
The measure of the social, culture and economic related places.
When the moon appears to get bigger
The lighter outer shade of a shadow.
When the moon passes right in the umbra of the sun
Rotating around an axis or center.
The 29 day period when the moon makes a full orbit around the earth.
The Part of day when half the earth is towards the sun and half is away.