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Memorial Day

Teacher: Cynthia
A day when normal activities are suspended in order to celebrate a special day
A time when something happens
Speed of walking or running
A belief or custom that is passed down from year to year
A word about government
To show respect
A carved message for the public to read
A place where dead people are buried
A hole in the ground dug for a dead body to be placed and covered with dirt
A lot of people walking together down the street for a special celebration
Came together
An object, picture or sign that represents an idea, letter or word
Serious, maybe sad, always respectful
A place where people mail letters and pick up their mail
Stone marker at the head of a grave
A person who serves in the armed forces
Special clothing for members of the armed forces or other groups
Thought of in a creative way
Strange, weird, scary
A group of people organized to do special activities